Saturday, August 04, 2018 RAILS

BiblioBoard: Why Create a BiblioBoard Login?
We're sure you've heard that BiblioBoard can be used without logging in. That's just one of the ways it's so easy and convenient to use. However, a login CAN be created, even though it's not required to browse or read. Why might you want to encourage patrons to do so? Signing into BiblioBoard allows users to save favorites, create bookmarks, download content, and more. Plus, because BiblioBoard works on geolocation, logging in allows your patrons access to their materials when they leave the state.   

To create a login, go to BiblioBoard (, click "menu" in the upper left corner. You'll see a blue "sign in" button and below it a clickable rectangle with "Don't have a profile? Create Yours Now!" Click that rectangle and fill out the information. You only need a username and password, email is optional. Voilà! You are ready to unlock the features of BiblioBoard. 

Through RAILS’ partnership with BiblioLabs, any Illinois resident has access to thousands of e-resources free of charge and without needing a login or library card. Items on the BiblioBoard platform have no holds or waiting for titles and can be read by multiple users at the same time. See more information on all our BiblioBoard offerings.