Registering to Vote: This website: provides voter registration forms in both English and Spanish. Please follow the instructions on how to fill out the form and complete the process for your state, either by submitting your application online or by printing it, signing and mailing it. 

Voter and Election Information: Visit for election information, including election dates and registration deadlines, absentee ballot information, polling place finder, candidate information and much more.
If you have reviewed the information on and still have questions about how to vote in your state, please contact your local elections official. Search for your local official here: 

State and Local Leagues: Leagues across the country can provide information on local elections and opportunities for civic engagement in your community. To find your local League, please use this website

Absentee Voting and Voting from Overseas: Please utilize the Overseas Vote Foundation ( for more information on absentee voting or voting from overseas.

Research Resources: The Center for American Women and Politics ( provides information on women in politics, voting patterns and more. The Census Bureau ( provides statistics and data on voting and registration patterns and trends. Civic Youth ( provides information and research on the civic and political participation of young Americans.

Government Resources: The Election Assistance Commission ( is a resource for information on the administration of Federal elections. The Federal Election Commission ( administers the regulations of campaign financing for federal elections. The independent site govtrack ( provides information on the status of current and past legislation.

The Commission on Presidential Debates sponsors Presidential and Vice Presidential debates