Archived Video Content from Lansing Public Library

May 2020

May 2020 Videos

May 5: Tech Corner: How to Make a Resume on Google Docs
May 5: On the Lawn with Loraine!
May 7: Storytime Craft: Dinosaur Hat
May 7: Lansing Library Live: Mystery Trivia
May 11: Facebook Live: Genealogy Tips
May 12: On the Lawn with Beth!
May 12: Tech Corner: Zoom Videoconferencing How To
May 14: Storytime
May 14: Storytime Craft: Watercolor Painting
May 14: Lansing Libary Live: Author Trivia
May 19: Tech Corner: SWAN Library App
May 19: On the Lawn with Cookie!
May 19: Sensory Exploration: Slime!
May 20: Storytime Craft: Shaker


April 2020

April 2020 Videos

April 1: Facebook Live: Ask a Librarian Anything
April 8: Facebook Live: Book Trivia Round 1
April 8: Facebook Live: Book Trivia Round 2
April 8: Wait, How Much?
April 16: Thank You
April 20: On the Lawn: Debbie
April 20: Glow Stick Dance Party
April 23: Miss Jennifer Makes a Craft: A Flower!
April 23: Lansing Trivia
April 28: On the Lawn: Kelli
April 30: Storytime Craft: A Dog!
April 30: Trivia: At the Movies


March 2020

March 2020 Videos

March 3: Lansing Library Live: Reduce, Reuse and RBdigital
March 6: After-Hours Concert: Trillium
March 10: Lansing Library Live: The Coronavirus and You
March 17: Coronavirus and the Library: What's Next?
March 18: Coronavirus and the Library Update
March 19: Lansing Library Live!: Take a Tour With Us
March 23: Lansing Library Live!: News and Notes
March 27: Lansing Library Live!: News and Notes


February 2020

February 2020 Videos

February 4: Lansing Library Live 5: Here's a Digital High Five
February 7: After-Hours Concert: The Spaniels Forever
February 11: Valentine's Day for the Economically Conscious
February 18: Keeping Yourself Safe on the Web
February 25: Lansing Library Live!  Whatcha Reading?


January 2020

January 2020 Videos

January 7: Lansing Library Live
January 15: Lansing Library Live
January 21: Lansing Library Live the III!
January 28: Lansing Library Live 4: Even