Lansing Public Library Academy

Learn how to use library resources! Our free academy focuses on short micro-learning lessons. Just a few minutes and you'll be able to learn something new!

What is The Public Library Association's site,, is an Institute of Museum and Library Services grant-funded project to create an online hub for digital literacy support and training. The site launched in June 2013 and is intended to build upon and foster the work of libraries and community organizations as they work to increase digital literacy across the nation. was originally undertaken in partnership with ALA's Office of Information Technology Policy and Chief Officers of State Library Agencies, along with representatives from national agencies, state libraries, public libraries, community organizations, and many others. Included in is a collection of self-directed tutorials for end-users to increase their digital literacy. Feedback from public library staff directed PLA to develop courses on the most basic skills, such as using a computer, navigating a web site, and searching. Modules are video-based with narration, 6 to 22 minutes long, written at the fourth grade reading level, and help learners practice skills like using a mouse and setting up passwords.

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