Check our Events Calendar for all the special events all summer.


Adults 18 & older (June 7-August 19)

Showtime @ Lansing Public Library  June 7-August 19.

What to do….Pick up your reading ticket at the Information Desk. Write titles you read on the back of the ticket. Bring ticket to the Info Desk to get punched. For each punch you will receive a raffle ticket to go towards the prize of your choice.

Last chance to enter, August 19. Winning tickets will be pulled on August 20. Winners will be notified.

Summer Showtime reading prizes will include: Lunch with a librarian, Gift cards to Showplace 12, Showplace 16, Cinema 8, Gayety’s, Beggars Pizza, JJ Kelley’s restaurant and Lynnie Ques just to name a few.



7th Annual ATLAS Multi-Library Geocaching Event (All ages) (June 3-August 3)

Join us for the 7th Annual ATLAS Multi-Library Geocaching Event! Beginning Monday, June 3rd, all library patrons are invited to use clues and geographic coordinates to find hidden “geocaches” at numerous participating area libraries. For each listed geocache you discover, you’ll earn a prize drawing ticket for a chance to win a $25 Gift Card. To be eligible for the prize drawing, your library card must be in good standing.  All ages welcome! Register and obtain your official clue card at the Information Desk. The competition ends Saturday, August 3rd, so let the adventure begin!  More information can be found at &  


Youth & Teen (June 7-August 3)

Summer Reading Program (library)

The Summer Reading Program is split into 3 age categories based on what grade your child is going into. This means a child who is finishing 5th grade will be considered a 6th grader. All three programs start on Friday, June 7 at our annual Block Party. Elementary students may receive their reading logs from school before this, but any reading done before June 7 will not be counted. All Summer Reading Programs end on Saturday, August 3. All reading will be measured in time spent reading. There are no restrictions on what kids are reading for the Library's Summer Reading Program. Audiobooks or listening to others read to you count as reading.


Come to the library to receive your summer reading log. Use the log to track the time you read. When you finish a level come in for a small prize, a coupon for a local business or event, and a raffle ticket to add to one of several raffle items (no, we can't tell you what they are at this time). When you finish your log, you win a free book! Kids can get a new log and continue reading for prizes and raffle tickets.

Kindergarten-5th grade:

Students who attend schools in Lansing (including kids who live out of town) will be given their Reading Log at school near the end of the year. Any kids in Lansing who are homeschooled, do not attend a school in town, or are visiting for the summer may come to the library for a Reading Log. They will be on a Lansing United team with students from private schools. All students will be competing on teams against each other to see which team will read the most over the summer. When a student finishes a level, they may check in at the library to add their points to their team's total and receive a raffle ticket to add to one of several raffle items (no, we can't tell you what they are at this time). They will get coupons for local businesses and events at their first check-in and the midway point. When they finish their log, they will receive a free book! Kids can get a new log and continue reading for points, books, and raffle tickets. The winning team will receive a trophy to show off at their school and a donation of books. If Lansing United wins, each school will receive a book donation. Students on the winning team who do not attend a school in Lansing may request a book for purchase for the library.

6th-12th grade

The library considers anyone going into 6th grade or above to be a teen. They may come to the library on their own without an adult. Teens can pick up their Reading Log at the Youth Desk then use the log to track the amount of time they spend reading. When they complete a level, they can check in at the library for a raffle ticket to add to one of several raffle items (no, we can't tell you what they are at this time). They also get to cast a vote for which staff member will get pied in the face at our after hours party. When they finish their log, they receive a free book and a permission slip to attend our after-hours party on Saturday, August 10 from 6:00-10:00. Teens must return the permission slip in order to enter the party. If they'd like to keep reading past their first log, they can get a new one and keep reading for raffle tickets.

Required Summer Reading (schools)

Most middle and high schools in Lansing require students to complete some form of Summer Reading before the next school year starts. Memorial Junior High School (D158), Heritage Middle School (D171), and TF South High School (D215) all require students to pick a book from their own particular lists. The Lansing Public Library will have the lists for each of these three schools and will have extra copies of the books available. We already have the lists from Memorial and TF South if you would like to get an early start. An early start is recommended as, even with several copies of the books available both digitally and on paper, we always run out by August. We can get you a copy from another library, but it may take up to a week to come in. Plan ahead! 

This year we are offering a book club for Memorial students called Read It and Eat! Registration is required and we expect all participants to have read the book ahead of time. Each month participants will choose one of two Memorial summer reading books and discuss them both at the book club meeting. We will take notes and give each participant a copy so that they can remember the book all the way until next school year. And there will be food. Book club meets on June 20 at 6:00 p.m. for the books Space Case by Stuart Gibbs and 42 is Not Just a Number by Doreen Rappaport; July 18 at 6:00 p.m. for the books Wild Bird by Wendelin Van Draanen and Restart by Gordon Korman; and on August 15 at 6:00 p.m. for the books The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora by Pablo Cartaya and All’s Faire in Middle School by Victoria Jamieson. We will also have a wrap up meeting where we recap all 6 books on August 22 at 6:00 p.m. Registration will open on June 1, 2019.

Daycare Centers

We ask that any daycare over 6 children that would like to participate in our programming call Emily, Head of Youth Services at ext. 110. Most of our crafts and storytimes have limited supplies and one medium-sized daycare group could easily overwhelm our small programs if we are not prepared. If you call in advance, we can prepare additional supplies for some programs or we may be set up a separate time for the library to hold the program just for you! Each year we invite several performers to the library to entertain the children. These programs are open to all daycare and childcare groups without advanced notice. Admission to programs or scheduling of a separate private program is not guaranteed, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

Teen Volunteers

Teens going into 6th grade and above are welcome to volunteer at the library over the summer. This is an excellent way to get ahead on next year's Nation Junior Honor's Society requirements, pad a resume or job application, or just keep busy. Regular volunteers will need to go through an orientation and set up a schedule. Orientation counts as one hour of service. They may call the Youth Department and ask for Jami, our Teen Coordinator, or send Jami an email at We expect volunteers to work well independently after training. Teens are responsible for tracking their own hours. If you need a letter of recommendation, please let us know as early as possible.