Tuesday, August 11, 2020 Mary Paulton

Can you name that tune?

Many of us have played this game.  There was a show created for television wrapped around this very concept.  The rule was simple, how many notes do you need to hear to name that tune? Tunes having similar rhythms are classified as a genre.  Many tunes have similar sounds, yet we have all heard that sound within a sound—that one-of-a-kind sort of musical phrase never heard before, setting itself apart as unforgettable to mind and naturally unique.  

Within the last few months, much has transpired at the Lansing Library.  Staff and patrons adjusted to building closure which set in motion inspired creativity.  Through the Library website a wealth of activities were made available with video streaming on Kanopy, RBdigital Magazines, and the world’s largest digital book club through Big Library Read...this, the first week of closure.   The Library kept the connection going with health/medical updates, online educational options, employment/unemployment information, grocery/restaurant food delivery, cooking/art/tech tutorials, games/dance parties/story-time, celebrity readings/sing-a-longs, and live streaming of Broadway shows/Stonehenge Summer Solstice and much, much more.  

The online activities mentioned are still in place for your enjoyment, however, the Library doors are open.  Holds placed online are gathered by staff who then phone you when items are ready for pickup by walk-in or curbside.  The order comes with a tag that signifies the date it was put together and handled by whom as well as the latest copy of the Newsletter in a neat paper bag lined up on the table in alphabetical order in the Main Room just for you—like the goodie bags they are.

In music, the term riff is used to describe a short rhythmic pattern of notes repeated over and over and over again.  It is very identifiable in and of itself despite any slight variations...surely enough to name that tune.  The times have changed but not the song. The riff is undeniable, the staff are contributing melody, and the Lansing Library community has rewritten the harmony.   Add to your next ordered hold a piece of music nostalgia or find a new (soon to be classic) work in a wide range of publications available through the Lansing Library.  Until then ponder these words of Maria von Trapp, “Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”  So matter the hum.

Photo credit: Mary Poulton