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Saturday, June 01, 2019 Emily Laidley

Summer Reading Program (library)

The Summer Reading Program is split into 3 age categories based on what grade your child is going into. This means a child who is finishing 5th grade will be considered a 6th grader.

All three programs start on Friday, June 7 at our annual Block Party. Elementary students may receive their reading logs from school before this, but any reading done before June 7 will not be counted.

All Summer Reading Programs end on Saturday, August 3. All reading will be measured in time spent reading. There are no restrictions on what kids are reading for the Library's Summer Reading Program. Audiobooks or listening to others read to you count as reading.



Come to the library to receive your summer reading log. Use the log to track the time you read. When you finish a level come in for a small prize, a coupon for a local business or event, and a raffle ticket to add to one of several raffle items (no, we can't tell you what they are at this time). When you finish your log, you win a free book! Kids can get a new log and continue reading for prizes and raffle tickets.


Kindergarten-5th grade:

Let’s get ready to rrrrrrrrrread! This year’s summer reading program for elementary students is a heated competition between students. You’ll get your reading log and team from your school (or come to the library to sign up). From then on you’ll need to read furiously to outscore the other teams. When you finish a level come in to add your points to your team! You’ll get a raffle ticket at each level to win a prize of your own. If your team wins, we’ll engrave the biggest trophy the library has ever seen with your team’s name and let your school display it! Come in for more details!


Teens Grades 6-12:

If you are going into 6th grade or above, congratulations! You’re a teen!--at least as far as the library is concerned. You can come in on your own. When you come, be sure to pick up your Summer Reading Log! Just use it to track the time you spend reading and check back in with us to enter to win fabulous raffle prizes! You’ll also get to vote on which Youth Staff member will be pied in the face at our exclusive after-hours party on Saturday, August 10 from 6:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. In order to get in you just have to finish your reading log and return the permission slip! So get busy reading!