graduation caps
Sunday, March 08, 2020 Mary Paulton

What is higher education?


This is a phrase commonly used to describe scholastic achievement beyond the required high school studies.  Also known as graduate school at a college or university where bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees are attained. There are a variety of degreed programs at this level in education, engineering, and medicine, to name a few with more in between.  As there are graduate schools, there are also undergraduate schools.  Typically referred to as a junior or community college where two-year programs are offered that when completed will result in an associate degree.   Future graduate students often take advantage of junior college rates to satisfy pre-requisite courses which are then transferred to a four-year institution. 


Whether your intention is a two or four-year plan, a high school education is mandatory.  If you don’t already have a high school diploma, then the Lansing Library has the answer.  The Library has partnered with AdvancED Accreditation Commission to provide the necessary scholastic assistance to fulfill this condition.  It is never too late to open doors to new passions or be inspired to achieve new heights through learning.  You may think it hard to return to academia after years of being away from school, however, as part of the on-line program you are assigned an academic coach to help every step of the way.  Then there are those who wish to get their diploma that have jobs and families to schedule around.  With the on-line program, it is at your convenience as long as you complete the course within an eighteen-month period.   If funding such a decision is a concern, there are scholarships available to complete the program.  With the ‘what-ifs’ covered, there is good reason to seriously consider enrolling in the Career Online High School.  

Long after the books are closed, the learning continues.  It is through a life-long process of trial and error that we achieve the ultimate goal of wisdom.  Gilbert Chesterton, literary scholar and author of his time, said it best when he said, “Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”  We are exposed daily to bits of information that expand our understanding of the world we live in.  The knowledge gained is the underpinning for all we can accomplish from one day to the next.  Building blocks that when stacked one on top of the other provide a clear view from which we can see forever.  It doesn’t get much higher than that.  Stop in at the Lansing Library and experience the wellspring that is knowledge for yourself.  With 68,593 publications on this very topic, enlightenment is within reach.