an old house
Tuesday, March 31, 2020 Griffin Polley, Junior TFS High School

House Arrest

It happened a couple days ago
The word was already spread
We were all forced into our homes
“For at least two months” they said
Forced to listen, I stepped in
To my dearest home
The comforting walls welcoming
As my thoughts began to roam
“What would I do with all this time?” I thought
Tapping my fingers on my desk
I have so much work to do
So much time, so little rest
As I laid my head down
That following night
I heard the creaking of the walls
But something wasn’t right
They were speaking to me
A little creak, a little groan
Something that drew me to it
And away from my phone
“You have nothing to be afraid of”
It spoke silently to me
“For I’m just in your head”
Am I losing my sanity?
“No, no my dear boy, you are doing quite fine”
Then what are you then?
“You’ll find out in due time”
As I listened to the house
Tell its story from old times past
I was falling deep into sleep
And didn’t care how long it would last
I would just listen to my house
As it comforted me to bed
Its words giving me rest
For whatever was up ahead