Dear Parents
Tuesday, August 11, 2020 Emily Laidley, Youth Department Head

Hello Mustang Parents,


The Lansing Public Library welcomes you back to a new school year that looks different from anything we’ve seen previously. You adapted to a host of changes that have affected our community and the world at large. We are asking for your support while the Lansing Public Library is changing as well.



Lower Level Closed

Grades 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult 

Curbside Pickup


This year our youth department is getting a badly needed update and we are very excited for how it will better serve our patrons. The renovation includes replacing the HVAC system, building a Homework Hub room, and creating a dedicated Teen Space for everyone in grades 6-12.


We anticipate the lower level will be closed until February 2021. While it is closed, some of our collection of books will be moved upstairs, but we will not have a youth department as you have known it. Unfortunately the limited space means that we will not be able to have a place for young children to play or for teens to hang out with their friends. There are also going to be fewer computers available. 


During the renovation, we will not be equipped to handle the previous volume of patrons or noise as we are limited to one floor and any disruption will affect the entire library. We are asking the community to help our young patrons. They need adults to come with them to the library to help them be successful, respectful, and to stay on track with homework. 


Therefore, we ask that parents with children grades 8 and under accompany them to the library until the youth department reopens. Anyone in grades 8 or under who comes to the library without an adult will be given an opportunity to call for an adult to come and be with them. If an adult is not available, they will need to wait to use the library facility until they can be accompanied. Please bring your children to the library. We miss them! Bring them and help them succeed in this new environment.


If your child wants a book, but you or another adult is not available to accompany them, we now have curbside pickup! Simply place the book or game or movie on hold through our website. We’ll let you know when it is ready and you can come pick it up without ever leaving your car! We know it’s not a replacement for a youth department, but we hope it helps in this transitional time.