Library Board of Trustees  (Elected Officials)

Timothy Glinski President term expires 2023
Sharon Novak Vice President term expires 2021
Judith F. Koch Secretary term expires 2024
Bonnie Cuthbert Treasurer term expires 2021
Lillian Ball Member term expires 2024
Mozella Brown Member term expires 2023
Jeri Villa Member term expires 2021

Library Board Members 1Library Board group 2
Pictured from left Library Board Members: Tim Glinski, (former member) Anthony Comer-Hill, Bonnie Cuthbert & Sharon Novak. Photo 2: Jeri Villa & (former member) Anthony Comer-Hill.
Photos taken at the Library Block Party June 1, 2018.
Not pictured: Mozella Brown & Judy Koch.
Not pictured: Lillian Ball


Contact the Library Board

Board Members may be contacted through the library.

Lansing Public Library
2750 Indiana Avenue
Lansing, IL 60438